Parent Guide

Principles of Human Services
This is the course most like the old fashioned Home Ec. classes of the past. In this class, students will explore a variety of topics related to self-improvement, family, management, and careers.
Principles of Education
This course focuses on the careers in the Education field.  Students will explore education careers with an emphasis on teaching and teaching methods. This is the first course in the education pathway.
Human Growth & Development
This course explores development from the very beginning of conception to the very old.  Students will research theorists, explore the different theories related to development, and explore the aspects of each age throughout the lifetime.  
Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness
This course focuses on safety and sanitation, food preparation, and nutrition.  Throughout the course, students will cook food that pertains to the topic being studied.  Students will have an opportunity to earn their Food Handlers Certification in this class.
American Sign Language I & II
This is a new course at Hempstead High School.  I am happy to be able to offer American Sign Language as a credit towards the foreign language graduation requirement.  ASL is the language of the deaf in America.  Students will learn the basic signs and how to use them correctly.  
Practices in Education
This is a new course at Hempstead High School.  I am very excited to be able to offer this course to our students.  This course allows students to be assigned to a lower school teacher to actually be involved in teaching.  This gives them a real perspective into the teaching career.  Students will spend the majority of the week at the lower school during class time after specific training at the high school classroom.