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Elecia Blaire


I am Ms. Blaire, and I am so honored to be serving as your student’s art educator at Hempstead High School.  This year has some exciting changes in the Art Studio.  First and foremost, we are focusing on CHOICE!  There have been numerous studies stating that students are more engaged and perform at a higher level if we give them more choice. 

For artwork based projects, I will not be giving your typical “assignements” (for example, everyone follow along with me while me paint a dog...). I will treat each student as the artist that they are and they may choose the subject matter (as long as school appropriate), art medium, as well as, how long they work on it.  With that being said, we need a certain amount of grades to be compliant with gradebook policies.  So, we will need a minimum of THREE artworks per grading period. Ths means at least one per 3 weeks.  Many students will finish an artwork faster than three weeks, and that is just perfect. Once they finish one, they will then brainstorm what the next one they want to create, and so on.  Their artwork will be graded with the following rubric that they will have ahead of time.

Daily grades will consist of worksheets and activities based upon discussions we will be having about real artwork (some historical and some current).  The more artwork that they are exposed to, the more it will push their creative juices. We will have about 2 daily grades per week.  

Elecia Blaire

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