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HHS Culinary Students Experience Real-time Chef's Kitchen

Posted Date: 03/06/2019

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Eight students in the advanced culinary arts class at Hempstead High School visited the Grace Care Center of Katy on their first field trip of the year.  The advanced class observed Chef Mike Mendivil and his crew in action at the long term care/rehab facility on Tuesday, February 19.

Chef Mendivil greeted the students and took them on a quick tour of the facility before letting them get involved in the kitchen.  The students observed the staff as they prepped, cooked and served lunch to the residents.

Chef Ryan reviewed some of the menus and recipes used at the facility with his class.  The students watched as a variety of foods were prepared in the kitchen and observed the different textures prepared to meet the needs of the facility’s residents.

Chef Mendivil put a couple of students in charge of putting away supplies in the store room and later the students helped in serving the residents lunch.

Culinary studentsCaren Gonzales (left) and Melody Moreno (right) used basic skills they had learned in the Culinary Arts class at Hempstead High School to assist Chef Mendivil in properly putting away supplies in the store room at the Grace Care Center of Katy.

Culinary students




Culinary students shiver as Chef Mendivil shows them the facility’s walk in freezer.