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Culinary Students are a cut above the rest at HHS

Posted Date: 09/20/2019

Thumbnail Image for Article Culinary Students are a cut above the rest at HHS

Culinary students are a cut above the rest at Hempstead High School especially after mastering a variety of cuts used on vegetables at The Bobcat Grill, the district’s teaching restaurant. 

Students in the Culinary Arts I class did well on Friday’s Knife Skills practical exam according to Tim Ryan, Chef/Culinary Arts Instructor at Hempstead High School.

Students were given a variety of cuts to perform as Chef Ryan observed each student on how well they practiced safety in the kitchen, how well they handled the knife as well as their ability to do the variety of cuts assigned to them.

The students did Rondelle cuts on carrots, Diagonal and Oblique cuts on celery and the Chiffonade cut on leaf lettuce.  The vegetables used in the skills test came from a local vendor, DiIorio Farms and Roadside Market.

Chef Ryan is on his third year at Hempstead ISD and is looking forward to opening the restaurant to the public this fall with his advanced culinary arts students.