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Mary Franco

English II Syllabus 2021-2022

Teacher:  Mary Franco 

Room: 209

Telephone: (979) 826-3331 ext. 369


English II Google Classroom Class Code:  5dgjltk

Conference Period: Monday - Friday 11:16am-12:08pm


Course Description/Overview

Welcome to English II! This course will continue to increase and refine communication skills.  It will focus on the relationship between reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and it will cover a variety of texts.  Students will take their writing through all the steps of the writing process on a regular basis.  In addition to planning and drafting, students revise for organization and idea development and edit their papers for clarity,  correct use of the conventions, and mechanics of written English.  Students will practice all forms of writing, with the primary focus on persuasion.  Students will read extensively in multiple genres from world literature, learning forms and terms associated with selections being read.   More information about course standards can be found at


Course Resources and Materials

  • Google Classroom


Course Textbook

  • HMH Into Literature Texas 10th  Grade - student workbook

  • HMH Into Literature Texas 10th Grade - online edition


Grading Policy

Tests, Projects, Quizzes, etc. 


Classwork, Homework




  • At least two daily grades will be taken every week, and all learners will receive timely and meaningful feedback. 

  • Each nine weeks, there will be three to four major grades. 

  • English II Advanced students will also incorporate unit-themed novels to supplement units.

  • All students will be subject to the same grading standards, guidelines, and penalties. This includes UIL eligibility as well as grade and GPA calculations. 



Classroom Rules and Behavior

  1. Follow all rules and regulations of HISD.

  2. Come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn.

  3. In everything we do, respect others and school property.

  4. Give your best effort at all times.

  5. All students are to remain in their seats unless given permission and be attentive during instruction.


  • I will follow the school tardy policy. Students should be seated in their assigned seats before the tardy bell rings.

  • Students are expected to adhere to the school code of conduct at all times. Each student will receive a copy of class policies and procedures to keep for reference. We will go over these policies and procedures in depth at the beginning of the year.

  • If any student fails to abide by the expectations for conduct, the student will be redirected and parents will be contacted. After the second parent contact, the student will receive an office referral. 


Scope and Sequence

Marking Period

Material Covered in Class

1st Nine Weeks

  • Literary devices

  • Author’s purpose

  • Inferences

  • Evaluating evidence

  • Rhetoric and figurative language

  • Poetic Structure

2nd Nine Weeks

  • Genre elements

  • Literary Fiction and Nonfiction

  • Plot structure and style

  • Symbol and theme

  • Write a short story

3rd Nine Weeks

  • Arguments

  • Rhetorical Devices

  • Media Techniques

  • Poetic Structure

  • Characters and theme

  • Diction and syntax

4th Nine Weeks

  • Genre

  • Drama

  • Satire

  • Literary Analysis

  • Character and theme


Mary Franco

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Classroom Number:
School Phone:
979-826-3331 ext 369
Conference Time:
Monday 11:25-12:05 Tues./Thurs. 11:25-1:40