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Mel Daigle


12th grade English Language Arts 2020 - 2021

Hempstead High School

Mr. Mel A. Daigle


Contact Information:


Mr. Mel A. Daigle


Room 254

Conference period 6th 1:00- 2:00,  online during the day 8:00 - 3:00 

Remind 101:




“The most beautiful flowers often bloom brightest during the most tumultuous times.”  This school year will be like no other you have experienced.  As seniors and leaders of the school, you will be asked to be role models for the lower grade levels.  Students will be on line and some will be in classrooms in person, and we might have to shut down school if there is an outbreak of the COVID virus.  All of that considered and much more, seniors will need to overcome those challenges and not allow any excuses to prevent anyone from graduating.  As a digital immigrant, I will call upon your familiarity with technology to promote the learning environment.  Finally, my goal is to have everyone able to pass a college entrance exam, an ASFAB test for the military, or a written job application.  This will be a  year we will discuss for the rest of our lives.  




Major Grades (Essays, tests, projects) = 40%

Minor grades (homework, warmups, quizzes) = 60%


Per HISD curriculum Guidelines: “after reviewing the material, the students can correct the missed questions.  Students making below a 70%  can correct up to a 70%.  If a student makes between 70% -90%, then the students can correct missed questions for an additional point each, making no higher than 5 additional points. Essays may always be rewritten, part of the writing process, to a passing grade.


Classroom Management Plan:


This plan is to hold students accountable for misbehavior either in class or online.  Every student is expected to:

  • Listen and follow directions

  • Have material ready- pen and paper

  • Turn in work on the designated time

If a students fails to follow the students expectations, the following should occur:

  • Verbal warning

  • Second warning or conversation with coach when applicable

  • Parent call

  • Office referral


2020 is the year that ended student’s apathy.


Course overview


Twelfth grade English is a British literature survey class.  Since the United States is part of the Western Civilization, all U.S. students survey how literature began and evolved to reflect the human condition.  


1st Nine weeks:

  • Essential question:  What is true chivalry?

  • Reading:  Oedipus Rex and Arthurian romances

  • Writing:  essay on characteristics of a hero

2nd Nine weeks:

  • Essential question;  Can you drive someone to seek revenge?

  • Reading:  Hamlet and various renaissance sonnets

  • Compose sonnet and essay over Hamlet

3rd Nine weeks:

  • Essential question: How can satire change people’s behavior?

  • Reading:  “Modest proposal” selected Neo-Classical poetry

  • Writing:  Apply Texas essays and satirical written composition

4th Nine weeks

  • Essential question: What shapes your outlook on life?

  • Reading:  various poems and Night

  • Writing:  Apply Texas essays  and motif essay from Night


Remote learning versus  in person learning


There should be little difference between the two.  This class teaches skills:  critical thinking cognitive skills when reading,  and accurate, effective essay writing that reflects fluency of thought when writing. Remember the ten two letter words to live by:


If it is to be, it is up to me

Mel Daigle

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