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Charlina Sandor

Welcome to my online classroom. My name is Charlina Sandor. I have been in education for over 20 years. I received my bachelor's degree from Sam Houston State University. 

I have several certifications. Among my.certifications are Generic Special Education, EC-6, Composite Social Studies, and Economics. 

I am new to Googleclassroom. Please be patient with me as we learn and grow together. I will have a time to zoom with my online only students. When I know when that will be, I will post it here and send out a link to the meetings. These meetings will be get instruction, support, to ask questions, get clarification,  they are a work in progress. These are interesting times, alot is new to all of us, but I am eager to get back to the business of educating young people. I look so farward to seeing all of you soon!

Life Skills Syllabus 2020-2021

Teacher: Charlina Sandor


Telephone: (979) 826-3331 Ext. 367


Office Hours: to be determined


Course Description/Overview

Welcome to the new year! The district has adopted the Unique Curriculum for the Life SKills program. It is a comprehensive curriculum designed with our students in mind. It is aligned with the TEKS and able to be adjusted to each individual students’  needs. 


There is not a specific textbook for this course. All materials and  worksheets will be provided to you through google classroom.  You must attend class each day at the appointed time. Attendance will be taken. 


Grading Policy

Tests, Projects, Quizzes, etc. 


Classwork, Homework




  • At least two daily grades will be taken every week, and all learners will receive timely and meaningful feedback. 

  • Each nine weeks, there will be three to four major grades. 

  • Though some adjustments may be made to accommodate digital work, grade requirements will be the same for online students as they are for on-campus students. 

  • Online and on-campus students will be subject to the same grading standards, guidelines, and penalties. This includes UIL eligibility as well as grade and GPA calculations. 


Classroom Rules and Behavior

  1. Follow all rules and regulations of HISD.

  2. Come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn.

  3. In everything we do, respect others and school property.

  4. Give your best effort at all times.

  5. All students are to remain in their seats unless given permission.


  • I will follow the school tardy policy. Students should be seated in their assigned seats before the tardy bell rings.

  • Students are expected to adhere to the school code of conduct at all times. Each student will receive a copy of class policies and procedures to keep for reference. We will go over these policies and procedures in depth at the beginning of the year.

  • If any student fails to abide by the expectations for conduct, the student will be redirected and parents will be contacted. After the second parent contact, the student will receive an office referral. 



Reward System


In class: Students work to earn points by doing their assignments, having helpful and positive attitudes. The points they earn can be used at the classroom store on Fridays. 


Online: Students will still work for points, by attending zoom lessons, completing their assignments in google classroom. On Friday, these studies can choose between an online dance party or playing a game with a staff member online. 


Please be Patient with me as This year unfolds. We are all learning together. Some things may need to be adjusted.





Charlina Sandor

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